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Study in the USA


United State’s Education is not merely an ordinary education system. It affects their society with its values. Their education concept includes aspects like commitment to independent ideals, dedication to human being’s liberty, and an admiration for the variety of the people. In extensive phrase, the U.S.A.’s education structure has aim to establish an excellence education that allows all the students to reach at their peak potential.

USA College Education

It is also known as the post-secondary education. It is administrated independently and not allied with high school system. The literacy rate of reading is 98% in USA for age group > 15. The college education has a 4 year system in USA including freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, respectively. Also there are many admission procedures and entrance exams in the USA colleges.

USA College Admissions

The USA colleges are given ranks to their performance and competitiveness. It is interesting that the private colleges are more popular than the public counterparts in the country. USA colleges’ admission criteria include rigor and grades of the students in the high school though some colleges also considers the individual factors like student's records in additional activities, a personal essay and an interview.

Fees, Student Loans and Scholarships in USA

The availability of the student loans is very good in USA. The universities also provide scholarships. Mainly the federal government or the private lenders provide student loans. Generally, private universities charge higher tuition fees compared to public colleges.

Possibilities for International Students

Every year a huge numbers of students come from all over the world to USA to complete their college education. The admission procedure for the international students is highly competitive. They have to clear US vocational tests and ESL firs to get admission in the US colleges. It is very important to have good grades for an international student to get admission in the USA colleges.

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